Captain Johal Nikolas Oddam

Johal Nikolas Oddam Concept Art

RACE: Human

TITLE: Captain

OCCUPATION: Sailor, fisherman

PERSONALITY: Johal Oddam is calm, kind, confident in himself and his own abilities, and big-brotherly by nature. He has always gotten new friends with ease, due to his open, friendly and social attitude. He has developed a lifestyle which includes a love of lager beer and long green Smokeybird menthol cigarettes - perhaps influenced by his slightly alcoholic parents. He feels at home only on a ship, but knows that neither the love of his life nor true happiness can be found there. For that reason, Oddam willingly, and perhaps gullibly, followed the Easter Bunny far away from the coast, in pursuit of this.

POWERS AND ABILITIES: Johal is not able to use any kind of magic, but after he found the Key to Happiness, he has been destined to find his own happiness before the key will pass on to its next wielder. He is a great sailor, fisherman and has also gotten a bit of experience with running a business. 

POSSESSIONS: Key to Happiness, clothes - including captain hat, binoculars, and a pack of long green Smokeybird menthol cigarettes.

BACKGROUND STORY: Johal Nikolas Oddam grew up with a big semi-poor halfly alcoholic family in the harbor city on an island off the coast of the main land. His family managed to save up enough money for Johal and his younger siblings to invest in a ship, to earn money for all of them. At first their father took control, but when Johal got old enough to be in charge, he actually proved a good businessman, using the ship for both fishing and transportation errands for well-paying customers on neighboring island cities.

A decade went by, and as Johal got to the middle of his twenties, he slowly started take over his parents' bad habits of smoking and drinking. Then, one day on a fishing trip, he caught an old skeleton from the ocean floor, and around its neck was a golden key. He sensed the magical energies surrounding it, and somehow binding itself to his soul. When the day's work was over, he sought out the legendary oracle at the center of his home island, the old hermit Easter Bunny who had apparently become a ghost in the meantime. The oracle owned a Golden Egg, which revealed the answers to questions one might have about the future.

The Easter Bunny revealed to him the powers of the key - the guarantee of at least a single moment with absolute happiness someday, and told him that he would find his happiness if he journeyed into the main land. Johal was intrigued by the information, and hurried to his family to say goodbye - and left the business for his siblings to handle, trusting them to walk in his footsteps as a good businessman.

Then he left to the main land with the Easter Bunny ghost in a small sail boat. And together the two of them moved into the country, towards Shrek's kingdom...