Joining the story
Da Rulez
This is a list of guidelines for new players who wish to join the OddRealm Adventures roleplay.

Da Rulez!

In the OddRealm Adventures-roleplay, anyone who wishes to participate must first follow a series of guidelines, this being the third one. It is asumed that you have already completed all steps in the previous guide, when begining this one.

This guide explains how to properly reserve characters, locations and requests. It elaborates on the rules concerning new roleplayers' first pictures - what must be included and what is not allowed. And finally, it details the process of adding ones' picture to the wiki.

Step 1: Preparations Edit

Before you go all arty-party, you need to make sure you will not be wasting your time. If someone uploads a picture using any of the characters or locations that you are currently drawing, it will be considered lore and thus there is a chance it might conflict with whatever you were planning with said characters and locations.

To make sure this will not happen, go to the location- and character-pages and look through their respective lists. Here you can see which locations and characters are free to use, and which are currently reserved by other roleplayers.

You are not allowed to base your first picture on any of the reserved locations, nor include any reserved characters.

Pick your Main character's starting location from the free options - you are not allowed to invent new locations in your first picture - and make sure to reserve the location, to make sure it is left in peace until you have finished your first picture.

The go-to method when choosing a starting location is to choose any of the actual locations of previous pictures. This excludes over-all locations like the unnamed planet, and background locations like Zomburg. Available locations from the two first pictures would thus be the Shrekstival Stage and the Pancake Prison. While you are limited to these "actual locations" you are free to create sub-locations, like the dungeons of the Pancake Prison or the backstage area of the Shrekstival Stage.

To reserve your desired location, edit the page and go to source editor. Next to your desired location, you will see the template.


Put a | and fill in your user-name, then another | followed by the date of your reservation (We use the european order of dates), as shown in the example below.


This is done similarly on the character-page.

After you have reserved both a location and characters to accompaign your Main Character in your first picture, you must also reserve requests. Pick anything from the list of available requests that have not been reserved already.

You must take at least three requests - not requested by yourself.


Be sure to make the story be centered around your MC.

Be sure not to include Main characters from other players. Look at already existing locations, characters and objects that you can use - use those who are not currently in the company of any of the other MCs.

Look at the requests and pick at least three. Don't invent new stuff, unless...

Follow all other rules there might be.

Step 2: Get creative Edit


Step 3: Adding it to the wiki Edit

Use the template to add the picture to the wiki. Fill out alle the fields...

Get approved by admin.